Great opportunity!

I’m studying a full-service portrait course with a couple of other photographers (they’re very nice ladies) and we need some people who want or need their portraits made! (You could also read that as “who we can practice with,” yes. You could do that:-)

So we’re offering you a free photoshoot with complete makeover and finished product.

There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to buy anything. Because you are helping us learn, you will get a voucher for $200 to use towards prints should you want to purchase any. Prices start at $195 (notice how that’s LESS than the voucher amount? Sneaky, eh? Oh, wait…)

This is incredibly easy.

  • Location/time: August 20, 1PM @ L1 Studios, Level 1/377 Lt Bourke St Melbourne (Studio 2)
  • You bring in four or five of your favourite outfits. They can be whatever you like – casual, funky, gorgeous, dressy, grungy, whatever you like – it’s entirely up to you
  • The make-up artist will do your hair and make-up and make you feel absolutely fabulous
  • You have gorgeous photos taken
  • You go out that night looking terrific
  • You attend a viewing session (later) where you select your image(s)

Can anyone see any downside to this? Correct, there isn’t one.

So, who are we looking for?

  • Independent women
  • curvy girls
  • families
  • teens
  • mothers and daughters
  • 50+ and fabulous
  • supermodels
  • Even men!

You know you’re in that list somewhere.

Because we are learning a complete new system, from the moment you walk in you will be treated as a paying customer and thus will be pointed to products, asked to come in for a sales session in a week or two, etc..

BUT REPEAT: There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to buy. As you are helping us learn, you will get a voucher for $200 to use towards prints.

While there will be three photographers shooting, only one will be shooting you. It will no doubt be a little slower than normal as we will be double-checking that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing, supporting each other/asking questions as we learn, etc

But it will be a mega-fun afternoon, you will get some great images shot, and you will look and feel FABULOUS.

Contact me via the contact link above and we’ll see if there are any spots left!

Cheers, Mic

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Had a shoot today with my mate Ben, who did the organising, I brought lights and lenses, and did lighting design:-)

Shoot was in a couple of scrap car yards, and we were, for the most part, operating in really really tight confines, along with having to cart the gear a fair way in trying circumstances. It was also 34C (mid 90s for those who use the stupid temperature scale).

I’m about to crash, but here’s one from right at the end of the day – Out at the front of the yard with a bit of space, and I thought I’d shoot this backlit with some flare, because I thought it would suit the look. Quadra into Baby Deep Octa (my goto setup almost all of the time) from the front left. (I think the kids today might call this a “matte look”.)

Model: Lauren Lourdes
HMUA: Sue Frey
Stylist: Katt Yakan
Organiser: Ben Ryan

And one from a couple of years ago:-)

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