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Yes, this is me wearing a vintage Richmond tracksuit top. How cool is it!

G’day, I’m Mic. But everyone – from friends to AFL coaches – calls me juice. Why? Good question. I don’t know, but hey, it’s given me a business name 🙂

I’m a photographer, but I also love music, journalism, computers/internet, the Richmond Tigers, motorsport, Melbourne, Cha (my better half, and yeah, I probably should move her up the list…)

I grew up in Melbourne, but then spent a year in Canada (my Dad was a civil engineer working at Monash Uni and took a sabbatical), then lived in Adelaide, and Perth (for many years) as by then he was a minister of religion and we got shunted around.

I finally got to escape back to Melbourne in 2008, but I’ll happily travel back to Perth or Adelaide (or Canada 🙂 if I have a shoot there 🙂

I went back to uni when I was 34 (ancient!) and did a journalism degree at Curtin in Perth (lesson learned: don’t be an idiot and work insanely hard – finishing at the top of your year does exactly NOTHING for job prospects) and eventually wound up working for afl.com.au. (There’s not many jobs in sports journalism, especially for new grads. Surprising, eh?) I then worked for CH10 for a while, before realising that I was better at writing for print than for TV and headed back to afl.com.au after a stint as the media manager for the Perth Wildcats (which was interesting, as I don’t really think much of basketball 🙂

I struggle mightily with perfectionism – “Great now is better than perfect in the never-never” is a motto I keep telling myself.

I love shooting, and finding new ways to do things. I love using lights – photography is about capturing light, so being able to control it and put it where you want it is awesome! I’d love to point my lenses and lights at you, so contact me now for a shoot, OK? 🙂

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