Roll with it

I was rapt to be at the launch last night of the new book by my good mate Nick Place – Roll With It. Nicko has written a few books for kids, but this is his first book for grownups 🙂 I’ve still got a VERY early copy on my Kindle, and a proof-reading version as a Word doc on the hard drive. It’s a terrific book, set in inner-city Melbourne, so go get it.

The launch was held at the Grub Food Van, and it’s a VERY cool place. I suspect it’s a hangout for hipsters, though, which is why I hadn’t been there before 🙂 Great location for this particular book launch.

[Photographer info] Anyway, seeing as I was going to be there, I took my little Fuji X-100, as taking the big rig would have been overkill. Used a Canon 550EX flash on it (in manual mode, obviously) but only used it for a touch of fill when I used it at all, which was rarely. I love that camera, it’s so good at high ISOs, which is what was needed here, with a lot of it shot at 6400.

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