From ingestion to archiving – how I handle my images

Baron Wolman

How do I import images? It’s pretty simple stuff. This looks complicated, but realise that the software – Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Crashplan – does all of this stuff automatically once you’ve initially set it up.

I usually ingest with Photo Mechanic <CTRL-G>, which is awesomely fast even with RAW files, and thus great for culling. When I ingest, I put the working copy on a scratch drive (F:/PM Import/date) and a second copy on an external HDD box (Z:/PM ingest copy/date).

I then go through and tag the keepers (T), then select them only (F3) drag them into LR and import them. (Alternative method which might be easier if you’ve got one  monitor/laptop – export them to a separate folder on the first drive (F:/PM exports for LR) then fire up Lightroom, and import from that folder (given I’ve exported them to a sep folder, I usually move these files, as they’re not coming off the card).)

These images go to my working SSD (J:/working files/date) and to Z drive again (Z:/LR imports/date). J drive (which includes my LR catalog) continually backs up to an external box.

I then do whatever I have to do to these, and when I’ve finished, I keyword them and then archive by moving them off to my image archive folder (E:/Image Archive/date) within LR. This also backs up to an external box (Z:/Image Archive backup/date-job) and online (to Crashplan).

Every few months (after the finals are archived, obviously), I go through and delete all of the ingested stuff, including the second copies on Z drive.

If you want to see my backup strategy, it’s here:

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