Canon 400/2.8 IS

If you shoot sports, or wildlife, or you’re a private detective, this is THE lens for you. (Theoretically, you could also be a weirdo stalker thinking this lens is for you,  but it won’t go on a Nikon, so no, you’re wrong, it’s not for you.)

The sports lens. THE one. The 400/2.8. Watch any pro sports event ever broadcast* and this is the lens you see, along with the 70-200 on a second body. The 2.8 aperture gives awesome light gathering and subject isolation properties, and it’s a joy to use with its insanely fast AF.

If you’re a bit touched upstairs, (and have puny girl arms), then the new mkII is the one for you – but at close to one third of the price of that lens, this makes SO much more sense. And you like sense. That’s why you shoot – or about to shoot – great white lenses.

It’s also a stunning portrait lens, but the working distances usually mean you both need a phone.

Yes, it’s slightly worn cosmetically, but so what? So is Angelina Jolie, right, and she still gets by. Just proves it’s been a working lens. Optically, it’s super, and that’s what counts. The wear gives it STREET-CRED, and that transfers to you. Who wants to be Mr Newbie Lens? Nobody except freaks, that’s who.

You need this. Just $4888

*ever = last 15 years, not that slightly longer dictionary definition.

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