Dual chargers for the Fujifilm pro cameras (X-T1, X-E2, X-PRO1)

One of the ways that Fuji betrays its “non-pro” status is the lack of a dual charger. This is ESPECIALLY obvious given the small capacity batteries that they use. (I’m not knocking them for this – when you have a downsized body, it doesn’t have as much room inside for batteries, this is a given, right?) But when you’re coming from Canon 1-series bodies that will happily take 4K shots on a single battery, and you get 350 or so from a Fuji one, the disparity kinda jumps up and smacks you in the face.

Fortunately, you can buy dual chargers. And they’re not $700 like the OEM Canon one…

I’ve got two. One from B&H (the Watson), and one from eBay (the EXpro).

The Watson is better – faster, looks better, better designed, more info, has a car charger – than the EXpro, but it’s three times the cost.

But if I was buying one again it would be the Watson – the speed is worth it for me, along with the car charger adaptor.

Having both was very useful, though, when I shot the UNAIDS2014 conference a couple of weeks ago – coming home with five or six batteries to charge…

The Watson batteries are also good – I’ve got several (nine batteries all up).


dual charger 2

dual charger 1






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