Fuji X-30 gives hopeful pointers for older model firmware upgrades

Image from DP Review

The X-30 has been announced, and it’s apparently got some stuff in it that owners of older bodies have been asking for.

What stands out?

  • Spot meter tied to the AF point
  • Ability to choose what appears on the Q menu screen
  • 3 custom modes for Auto-ISO
  • Direct access to AF focus points (D-pad in permanent AF point adjust mode)
  • Manual Focus AF area size adjustment Exposure Comp available in manual mode (exposure adjusted using ISO)
  • Full manual control in video mode

The first two are what really interest me.

Metering down the guts while the AF point is elsewhere is insane, especially for people like me who’ve come from top-end cameras that have this option and used it on pretty much every shot.

And a customisable quick-menu? Until now, this has been a completely wasted button, as the items on it have been pretty useless in terms of things you’d actually WANT to be able to adjust on the fly. (It’s got the usual “Fuji menu – designed by a drunk engineer” problem they’ve had since the X100 came out.) Seriously – you can change the noise reduction (which we are ALWAYS changing, right?), but you can’t get to the exposure preview on/off for the EVF, which is ACTUALLY used all the time, and is buried deep in the menu system and is cryptically labelled.

Hoping for this stuff in the next X-T1 firmware update (which Fuji has always been excellent with) and is apparently due later this year.

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