Fuji X-system battery management

Batteries are somewhat more of an issue for me now than they were when I was shooting my Canon 1-series bodies. I had a battery in each, and a spare in case something shorted in one of the ones I was using, and that was it. Given you got 4k+ shots out of each one, you didn’t need to think about them too much.

Enter the Fuji X-T1, and it’s a WHOLE new ballgame. With 350-400 shots per battery, it’s totally different. As a result, you have to have a lot more batteries around, and that means you have to look after them differently.

Here’s how I’m doing it – Thinktank (SURPRISE! I hear you cry) DSLR battery holders. I’ve got four batteries in the cameras (as they’re gripped) and five spares (currently, but I’m going to add more).

You can see the two-holder will also hold the little popup flash for the X-T1, which is a nice thing as well.

I’ve bought batteries from Betterbatt here in Australia, Watson batteries from B&H, and have a couple of Fuji OEM batteries. I couldn’t tell you if any have better or worse life than the others, as I haven’t noticed. But the price of the Fuji ones is crazy, so buy the others.


I’ve also bought a dual battery charger from eBay, which was a good thing when I was shooting a conference last week – makes it a LOT easier to just drop two batteries in at once and then forget them. If there was a 4-way battery charger I’d buy that one too. Watson makes a dual charger that I’d really like to buy, but it’s permanently on backorder at B&H, and Watson – despite having a contact email address on their website – aren’t bothered about replying, so I have no idea if it will ever be stocked again, so I may have to buy another one of these dual chargers.

AA batteries (for flash)

Yes, Thinktank again 🙂

These are way better than the plastic holders, but the same theory applies – all pointing one way (nipples up) are fresh, mixed direction means needs recharging.

So there you have it, how I do batteries with the X-T1.

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