Really really really unhappy with Fuji

So, I’ve got an X100. I’ve nearly finished my review (what’s the point of a review for a year-old camera? Good question.)

But it got the dreaded SABS – Sticky Aperture Blade Syndrome – where no matter what you set the aperture to, or the computer told it to shoot at, the aperture would remain at f2, meaning almost everything was overexposed.

So in it went to Fuji Australia, after some screwing around with their email support. (They’re based in Sydney, so you have to insure stuff for the trip up there, you can’t drop it at their Melbourne office, which is rubbish for a company of their size.) I ended up with the Repair Centre Coordinator, who is good to deal with.

So I send it it off to Sydney – shouldn’t take long as I got told early on in the email exchange: "X100 and X10 cameras are prioritised for repairs here and are generally much faster".

Five weeks later, they’ve still got it. I was told on Wednesday that it would go out that day. Sydney to Melbourne is overnight on a truck if you send it the slow way.

Sure enough, I don’t have it back yet.

Yes, IF I get it back Monday, and there’s no way I’m assuming I will, that will be FIVE WEEKS since I sent it to them.

To say I’m unimpressed would be a major understatement. It’s not like SABS is some huge surprise for them.

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