Which bag for the lights?

So, I’ve bought a couple of new lights. Jinbei HD-600 all-in-one units. Love them because they’re simple – no packs, no leads, just the unit (and dealing with Protog, not the previous manufacturer’s local agents).

But, they need to be carted around. The box they each come in from Protog is fine, but impractical of two of them.

I have a couple of bags/cases that will do just fine, but which one? (I looked on the Bunnings site, etc., but nothing there seems to work.)

I’ve also got a spare battery and the lightmeter that would be good to take with them. The triggers, etc. are small and are not an issue.

So, I’ve got the following:

Pelican 1510


This has the cool organiser in the lid space, which is very useful. The gear all fits in nicely, but I’m a bit worried it might be TOO tight, and need too much foam to be plucked away. Really tough gear, though.

Thinktank Security 2.0


Obviously a bigger bag. The Pelican is the same length and height, but is only as wide as the two strobe-filled sections above. Which is nice. But this isn’t MUCH bigger

But … this is Thinktank. And I love Thinktank. Irrationally, Apple-fanboi-style. #butwithgoodreason

If flying, the Pelican can be checked through without too many worries (apart from getting lost). OTOH, I’m not really flying much with this stuff (Yet, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

The Thinktank can be locked to stuff when out on location, which is also nice.

Suggestions welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

(My camera bag a Thinktank International, which I downsized to from the Security 2.0 when I got the Fujis.)

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