All hail "The Mega-rig™!"

Ahhh, the Mega-rig™. It wasn’t my idea – Peter (PNMD from POTN) who came up with it, and I’ve tweaked it a little.

It’s pretty simple (although not particularly cheap, I admit) – an Elinchrom Quadra pack and ‘A’ head, Manfrotto 233B flash bracket, Elinchrom 40cm x 40cm Portalite softbox.

Here’s Austen modelling it.


It’s a great solution – the Quadra is light enough that the pack can be carried for hours (literally), and the head/softbox combo is incredibly light, so that helps a lot too. The arm can be angled away from the body to get more of an OC appearance.

The softbox does help, despite not being huge. Still, 40×40 is still a lot bigger than a bare head or a small reflector.

It is a bit of a pain when in portrait orientation (which is mostly how I run it, generally) but still usable.

Here’s some photos from the AFL grand final (US equivalent: Superbowl) last September/October – I got a bit carried away with overpowering the sun, as I tend to do 🙂





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